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 Soyabetix improves the eyesight by slowing down diabetic retinopathy. It strengthens the heart, improves exercise tolerance of the heart, and also improves the efficiency of the lungs.
The kidneys are strengthened to ensure maximum filtration of liquid in the body. Soyabetix  increase the ability of the pancreas to produce more insulin to take care of the sugrar in the body.

Soyabetix enhance sexual potency in men. In women, bacterial infection such as candidiasis(white) is also controlled. Soyabetix  helps in the tightening of the vaginal muscles.

Test result from CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INTO PLANT MEDICINE(MAMPONG) indicate that Soyabetix is classified as practically non-toxic and within the acceptable margin of safety.

NB: Soyabetix is a Brown powder with an aromatic odour with a pH of 4.32. Patients with stomach ulcer should not take it  on an empty stomach.

The increase popularity of soya food is mainly attributed to the large amount of health benefits which are associated with the use of soya beans. The role of soya in the prevention of chronic diseases continues to be a top priority for scientist around the world. Over the past years, there has been an increasing interest  in the antioxidant effects of soya and in particular the health benefits. Soya is very important for vegetarians and vegans. Soya has high protein content and rich in vitamins and fibres.

Many people advocate the use of dried alfalfa and alfalfa sprouts to enhance health. Alfalfa is used to treat arthritis ,diabetes ,digestion problems ,weight loss ,ulcer, kidney bladder problems ,prostrate conditions ,asthma and hay fever. Alfalfa facilities efficient ingestion of the entire nutrients present in alfalfa without waste. Bean sprout of alfalfa are well known to be a preferable food plant due to their main components of fiber and vitamins which are proven to be good for human body.

It has been proven to lower plasma cholesterol, decrease intestinal absorption of cholesterol ,prevents atherosclerosis(heart attack) due tomits generally high nutritive value, alfalfa could possibly help to prevent fatigue associated with vitamin mineral deficiency or the world. The antibacterial, antioxidant and anti fungal properties of alfalfa provide relief from anthritis pain and aids in healing intestinal ulcers, gastritis, liver disoders, cancer and diabetes.

*Alfalfa contains saponin, flavanoids and polysaccharides
*Flavanoids also contains tricin, apigen.
*Alkoloids have berberine, anthroquinones organic acid steroids

Camomile has been proven to show good results in the combating of various illness and diseases. It effectively helps to combat stress and depressions by relaxing the muscles in the brain. It can be used to defeat insomnia by relaxing the muscle acting as a mild sedative. Camomile can be used to treat a number of ailments, such as Anxiety and Panic attacks, Insomnia and other disorders, Muscle twitching, Stomach problems such as menstrual cramp, stomach ulcer.

Dandelion is rich in calcium,which is essential for growth  and strength of bones,and is rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C, which protects bones from age related damages due to free radicals,such as weakening and loss in weight.
Dandelion juice can help diabetic patients by stimulating production of insulin from pancrease and thus,help keeping low the blood sugar level.Since it is diuretic in nature,  it remove th extra sugar from the body.Moreover, diabetics are prone to renal difunction.
*Dandelion contains Aperient-mild laxative
*Cholagogue-Stimulates the bile
*Diuretic-increase urine production by kidney

Hawthorn is considered a potent tonic for the heart,This herb directly benefits the functioning of the heart. It can dilate blood vessels,increase the heart’s energy supply and improve its pumping ability. Hawthorn also seems to block enzymes that weaken the muscle,thereby strengthening its pumping power.This is especially useful for people with mild heartbeat. Moreover, the anti-oxidating properties of hawthorn may help to protect agains damage associated with the build up of plaque in the coronary arteries.

Butchers broom is generally used to alleviate constipation,improve blood circulation and to rearrange water retention discomfort. The medicinal herbs is believed to tighten the veins of the circulatory system and fortify the walls of capillary vessels. Butchers broom is also an anti sugar aromatic plant that reduces your blood sugra. It also helps the pancreas to work effectively in producing insulin for the body.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is caused by very little insulin or resistance to insulin. To understand diabetes, it is important to first understand the normal process by which food is broken down and used by the body for energy. Several things happen when food is digested till the process that leads to Diabetes. There are different types of diabetes that run through children right up to the aged. This is as result of the body not being able to provide insulin from the pancrease.

Diabetes is a deadly disease. It is estimated that more than 60million people have this disease in Africa.
Additionally, Diabetes is a risk factory for atherosclerosis, the process by which cholesterol plaques develop in the blood vessels. The tendency for people with diabetes to develop  poor circulation,results in 2-3 folds greater risk of heart attack, or stroke and leaves the skin vulnerable to infection and shores. Diabetes can also cause impotence through both poor blood circulation and damage to the nerves of the penis. In addition, years of stress caused by removal of large quantities of sugar out of the blood into the urine, eventually causes the kidney  to “leak” protein and fail.

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