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Soyabetix contains carefully selected herbal ingredients mixed in a special formula  to  provide  effective  remedy  for diabetes  and  other  ailments.  It helps to minimize the blood sugar spikes and activate the vital organs of the body to perform at optimal levels.
Soyabetix improves eye sight by slowing down diabetic retinopathy. It also strengthens the heart and also improves the efficiency of the lungs.
The  kidneys  are  strengthened  to  ensure  maximum  filtration  of  liquid  in  the body. Soyabetix increases the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin to take care of the sugar in the body. Soyabetix enhances sexual potency in  men.  In  women,  bacterial  infection  like  candidiasis  (white)  is  also controlled. Soyabetix also helps in tightening the vaginal muscles.

Brown Gold

The finest award winning Natural cocoa from Africa accepted across the world with its benefits..

Hords Co. Ltd.

Behind Presidential Palace
Old GNTC Road
Kanda-Accra, Ghana
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