Hords Soya custard contains vanilla and added calcium & vitamins. It is a varied balanced diet and has healthy contents. Hords Soya custard uses less water and generates less CO2 than dairy products. Hords Soya custard is delicious and dairy free, naturally low in fat & free from animal fat, gluten and wheat. Nutritious and a source of high-quality soya protein, contributing to muscle maintenance. Naturally lactose free. Free from colours & preservatives and suitable for vegans.


whole soya bean, maize, whole milk powder, sugar

Instant Soya Custard Porridge

  • Blend six Tablespoons of soya custard with water to smooth cream
  • Measure 50ml of water into a bowl
  • Pour Smooth cream into water nd bring to boil and stir until smooth
  • Add milk or Sugar to taste